Senior Java Development Engineer (Shanghai)

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Backstage development and docking development with mobile server;

  2. Complete framework and module design, coding and test works according to product or project requirements;

  3. Submit quality codes and complete development tasks on time according to project plan;

  4. Develop mainstream and advanced technical framework with high availability, high expansibility and high performance in advance, and apply it to product development;

  5. Drive the breakthrough on core technical problems, optimize the system, assist to solve technical problems in project development process.

Job Requirements (or meet part of them):

  1. More than 3 years of development experience in top software project;

  2. Understand load balancing, reverse proxy, cache redis/memcache, internet security and other knowledge related to overall architecture layer;

  3. Understand hadoop ecological technology, familiar with mapreduce, able to handle technical problems related to big data;

  4. Understand Mysql client-server/client-client architecture design, at least master one type of nosql database: MongoDB/Cassandra/HBase;

  5. Master Java language, JavaEE specification and JVM performance parameter adjustment;

  6. Master and utilize asynchronous interface model design of message systems such as RabbitMq, ActiveMq;

  7. Ones with design experience in internet system architecture are preferred;

  8. Ones who understand WEB front-end framework BootStrap/AngularJs/Backbone/Knockout are preferred;

  9. With good English reading ability;

  10. With initiative and teamwork ability.

IOS Engineer (Shanghai, Beijing)

Job Responsibilities:

  1. iPhone related client functions development;

  2. Complete architecture and module design, coding and test works according to product or project requirements;

  3. Submit quality codes and complete development tasks on time according to project plan

Job Requirements:

  1. With associate’s or higher degree in computer or relevant majors;

  2. Master development of iPhone mobile APP, with more than 2 years of development experience, ones have works listed in App Store are preferred;

  3. Familiar with Mac OS platform development; familiar with algorithm ideas, with strong capacity in solving problems, have deep understanding in OOD/OOP, and a good programming habit;

  4. Master C++/Objective C/Cocoa programming, can proficiently use IPhone/iPad SDK and relevant development tools;

  5. Ones are familiar or master Android mobile APP development emphasis are preferred;

  6. With strong sense of work responsibility, imitative and proactive, clear mind and good teamwork spirit. 

Android Engineer (Shanghai, Beijing)

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Develop Android platform project team’s APP software;

  2. Design and construct project framework;

  3. Code programming and version iteration;

  4. Solve technical difficulties, participate in demand analysis, convert UE prototype to executable program.

Job Requirements:

  1. With more than 2 years of Android development experience;

  2. Can proficiently use Android standard software and customize UI controls;

  3. Familiar with Android APP’s operational mechanism, master J2SE, Java, SQL languages;

  4. Familiar with network communication mechanism, have certain understanding and experience in Socket and HTTP;

  5. Able of independent development, with strong code reading ability and learning ability;

  6. Familiar with test-oriented development process, ones who understand scrum are preferred;

  7. Ones with development experience in medical client are preferred.

Intelligent Medical HIS Product Manager (Shanghai)

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Understand HS product docking;

  2. Intelligent medical demand survey;

  3. Solve all kinds of problems of HIS docking product, work with team and ensure the project can be completed on schedule;

  4. Propose improvement suggestions for the product;

  5. HIS docking document for manufacturers.

Job Requirements:

  1. With associate’s or higher degree in computer related majors;

  2. With two years (or more) of development experience;

  3. Can proficiently use Java language or one of net, php, C# languages;

  4. With more than two years of HIS system development experience;

  5. With more than one year of experience of programming development document;

  6. With clear mind, quick thinking and learning ability.

Operation Specialist (Shanghai, Beijing)

Job Responsibilities:

  1. APP promotion and operation, promote APP through various ways in according to APP product characteristics, realize the goal of download number, installation number and activeness, etc.;

  2. Product’s online and offline promotion and activities, plan and organize the execution of promotion solution such as event marketing and reputation marketing;

  3. Expand valuable marketing channel resources inside the industry, establish and maintain resource partner relationship;

  4. Special column planning and implementation according to requirements, user data analysis, competitive product dynamics and industry news;

  5. Other works arranged by the company.

Job Requirements:

  1. With more than two years of APP operation experience;

  2. Familiar with download platforms, Apple Store and Android APP market on software, and have certain human resource network;

  3. Familiar with iOS and Android platform and APP product, have understanding in APP promotion and operation;

  4. Highly sensitive to internet news and network marketing events, familiar with Weibo marketing operation procedure and internet language;

  5. Good at observation and excavation of data core, highly sensitive to data;

  6. Initiative in work, earnest, careful, dependable, patient, and good teamwork spirit.

Content Editor (Maternity and Infant) (Shanghai)

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Choose appropriate content for product channel, edit and integrate and input the content in backstage;

  2. Plan relevant activities corresponding to the product; activity maintenance and effect tracking;

  3. Operation of company’s UZ (Wechat) account, put appropriate content online under the suggestion of director, regularly plan relevant user activities on UZ;

Job Requirements:

  1. With more than one year of website operation experience, associate’s or higher degree in majors related to marketing, news, communication, Chinese, nursing and medicine, etc.;

  2. Familiar with the communication mode of network socialization new media, such as Weibo, Wechat, Laiwang, etc.; have certain basic art design ability and text editing foundation;

  3. Familiar with internet and have certain basic knowledge, can proficiently use Weibo and Wechat products, and operate on Weibo and Wechat;

  4. With clear mind and quick thinking, good service consciousness, and careful and patient working attitude;

  5. Welcome the 90s generation to apply.

Medical Editor (Shanghai, Beijing)

Job Responsibilities:

Screen content for the platform according to the company’s APP product positioning, ensure the content is quality and met with the requirements;

Hotspot news report related to health industry and special column planning;

Good at finding hot medical topics, and cooperate with the online promotion activity from medical perspective;

Initiate and guide user to establish quality topics and improve user’s activeness;

Participate in medical product planning and improve user experience.

Job Requirements:

With education background in a full-time unified admission college or higher institution, and medicine related major;

Passionate, earnest and have strong sense of responsibility in work;

Good at communication, have teamwork spirit and can work with other smoothly;

Can proficiently use common office software.

UI Designer (Shanghai)

Job Responsibilities:

Mobile phone APP interface design, product plan design;

On the basis of fully understand product mutual document, construct user interface information, conduct mutual design and graphic symbol design;

Innovate according to requirement, design concise and delicate UI interface to improve product usability;

Output style coordinate document and technical graphics for developer to realize the product;

Cooperate with project leader, formulate UI design specification and procedure;

Complete part of the design of advertisement pages and advertisement materials.

Job Requirements:

With more than one year of work experience related to mobile phone interface design, able to independently design a whole set of UI work;

Familiar with basic specifications of GUI design, have deep thinking in user experience and mutual design;

Can proficiently use AI, PS, Flash and other design software;

Familiar with characteristics of mobile phone platform such as Android and Iphone, ones with experience in designing mobile phone interface are preferred. 

O2O Director or Manager (Shanghai)

Job Responsibilities:

Organize and compile annual marketing plan, and plans such as marketing costs and internal profit norm, etc., and monthly, quarterly and annual plans, and closing meeting report;

Suggestion on company’s operation management system and relevant process, establishment of department content and system, and process standardization;

Plan O2O products through industry analysis and market survey, and by combining company resources; provide suggestion for short-term, mid-term and long-term product strategies;

Effectively execute the operation standard and service standard formulated by the company;

Plan the performance objective for the department and ensure its completeness;

Department costs control, human resources and market management, and other daily management.

Job Requirements:

With associate’s or higher degree, have professional education in marketing, chain management, and business management, etc.;

Have strong learning ability and independent thinking capacity, strong data and logical analysis ability;

Have keen instinct in marketing, customer analysis and market analysis ability;

Able to independently create performance, have management ability that can manage a team and complete sales tasks;

Able to independently complete O2O market expansion, merchant management and platform construction.

Advertisement Product Manager (Shanghai)

Job Responsibilities:

Definition and design of the company’s commercial advertisement product, and project process management, including collecting and managing customer/user’s demand. Analyze market and competitors to formulate the planning and design of innovative and large-scale commercial product;

Design of specific project and product function. Constantly optimize the product through data analysis or keen commercial observation, write quality requirement document, coordinate and drive the R&D team to complete product development on schedule, and put the quality product on market;

Support business operation, find problems in business development by data analysis, identify the potential of business development.

Job Requirements:

Love internet, familiar with (mobile) internet advertisement market and product, have strong interest in innovative development of commercialized product on mobile platform;

Have associate’s or higher degree, more than two years of work experience in internet product;

Have strong learning ability and independent thinking capacity, strong data and logical analysis ability;

Marketing Planner (Shanghai)

Strategy making, creativity expression, copywriting and PPT making of advertisement project;

Write strategy or project plan according to customer’s requirement;

Coordinate and cooperate with the company’s customer, public relations, medium, and design departments to complete the optimization of overall plan;

Coordinate and communicate inside and outside the company;

Familiar with various promotion forms of network marketing.

Job Requirements:

Have more than one year of working experience in brand promotion or network advertisement planning, understand internet marketing characteristics, have experience in serving famous national and international brands;

Familiar with various planning and writing forms, responsible for the planning and writing of project plan;

Have excellent customer communication ability and product demonstration ability, good interpersonal communication skills, open-minded and good at expression;

Quick-thinking and creative, have a solid style of writing and strong logic, careful and earnest in work, with strong executive ability;

Those with work experience in 4A advertisement company are preferred;

With a bachelor or higher degree, ones majored in communication, advertisement, or marketing are preferred.